Marist Brothers International School

Education and Learning

Upper School

For students in grade 7 to grade 12

Upper School

The Upper School is a rigorous, challenging, and supportive learning environment, designed to prepare every student for success at college and beyond. A balanced selection of curricular and co-curricular activities encourage the development of well-rounded individuals, strong in mind, body, and spirit.

From Grade 7 to 10, students follow a typical high school academic program of core and elective classes. As with our Elementary program, the core curriculum is based on the California State and Common Core Standards, adapted to suit the needs of our diverse, multicultural student body. It has also been designed to focus on skills and content that provide a strong foundation and smooth transition into the final years of high school, where students follow graduation pathways centered on the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP). The three pathways offered are:

  • MBIS Diploma + IB Subject Certificate(s)
  • MBIS Diploma + IB Diploma
  • MBIS Diploma + IB Bilingual Diploma

MBIS is an IB World School and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges; therefore, all graduates are able to attend colleges and universities around the world.


At MBIS, we intend for technology to be intelligently integrated inside and outside of the classroom – to support teaching and learning in depth, rather than to superficially or simplistically replace instruction. In the Upper School, a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program is in place for students in Grade 10 and above. Students typically bring Apple Macbooks, but other platforms are supported. Students in lower grades are supported with school-based laptops. In addition, the school library includes desktop computers and other digital resources.

Our teachers utilize Rubicon Atlas and Managebac for curriculum planning and mapping, and Powerschool for online student management and grading. The latter is available to students and parents, and provides a very useful and accessible tool for monitoring academic progress. For day-to-day productivity, collaboration, and communication, our students and teachers use Google Suite software (Gmail, Docs, Sites, and so on).

Beyond the classroom

Our academic curriculum is complemented by a year-long athletics program, divided into four seasons. Students compete against other international schools, providing them with frequent opportunities to further develop body, mind, and character.

Leadership and interpersonal skills are consistently encouraged throughout our curricular and co-curricular programs. These are focus points within the classroom, but are also plentiful on the court and field; as a small school, every student has the opportunity to not only participate in sport, but also to lead. Furthermore, a majority of our student body are members of at least one of our three student organizations, and many are selected as delegates at our annual inter-school Model United Nations, and go on to represent MBIS at general assemblies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Through these curricular and extra-curricular programs, our primary goal is to ensure that MBIS students are well-rounded and well-prepared for success in life after graduation.

Curriculum overview