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The MBIS community has a long tradition of giving. Every year, through events such as Marist Cafe, students, parents, faculty, and friends, come together to raise funds for those in need in Japan and around the world. Our school has also greatly benefitted from the generous support of others. It was that support that enabled us to grow and, after the 1995 earthquake, rebuild. We are forever grateful for these generous contributions of funds, resources, and time. As a non-profit educational institution, every donation is reinvested into the growth of our students.

There are many ways to support your school:

The gift of your time can be even more valuable than financial support. MBIS celebrates extensive volunteer involvement of its parents in the school community. Their time, talent, energy, and enthusiasm bring vibrancy to every event, whether for a class outing, a holiday festivity, a library task, coaching, or fundraising on behalf of the school. We also encourage parents to become actively involved in our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), or perhaps consider applying for a role on the Board of Trustees.

Please contact the Head of School, Mr. Shawn Hutchinson ( if you are interested in volunteering at MBIS.

Our annual International Food Fair is our largest event on the school calendar, and also the largest source of fundraising for our PTA. Every year, millions of yen are raised – money which is reinvested into supporting teaching and learning. This source of funds allows teachers to purchase academic and athletic resources beyond the scope of annual budgets. There are many ways to support Food Fair:

Volunteer your time – we are always looking for parents who are willing to help out at a food booth or activity

Volunteer your talent – consider running your own booth (perhaps you can showcase a culinary delicacy from your part of the world)

Donate food or beverages – the running costs of food booths are reimbursed, but the generous donation of these costs (or donating food, beverages, or ingredients to a booth) is welcomed

Donate to the Garage Sale – a great way to declutter your house and support the school at the same time. Then, come and spend money at the garage – create an equilibrium by re-cluttering your house!

Volunteer your time and money – please come and enjoy a day on the green field. You enjoy the day, the students enjoy the profits – it’s a win/win!

Please contact the Head of School, Mr. Shawn Hutchinson ( if you are interested in supporting Food Fair. Additionally, informational newsletters from the school and PTA are sent to parents every year, as we begin preparations for the event (usually held in October).

When you make an outright cash donation to MBIS, your contribution can be put to work immediately – either providing funding for current programs or creating a reliable source of future income by expanding the school’s endowment. You are welcome to give a restricted donation (towards a specific resource or fundraising campaign) or an unrestricted donation (allowing the school to use the funds where they are most needed at the time).

Cash gifts are the simplest and easiest gifts you can make. You can make a cash gift with cash as well as via personal check, cashier’s check or money order (payable to Marist Brothers International School). You also can make a cash gift with your credit card.

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