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Meet the Faculty

What makes a great faculty? Some might say it is professional credentials – we have that, in fact, the majority of our teachers have a Master’s Degree. Some might say it is experience that counts most – we have that, too, with an average of 15 years’ classroom experience per teacher. We would argue that a great faculty is built over time – not only do our teachers have experience, they have it here, at MBIS. On average, our teachers have been at our school for 12 years (not including time some have spent as students here!). There’s a simple reason for this – it’s a great place to work with a wonderful, supportive community of people.

Academic Leadership

Shawn Huchinson
Shawn Hutchinson Head of School
Stephanie Hanamura
Stephanie Hanamura Head of Lower School
Derek Lipp
Derek Lipp Deputy Head of School
Gunseli Yuksel
Gunseli Yuksel IB DP Coordinator
Miki Kobayashi Admissions, Marketing and Communications Executive
Taeko Sakurai
Taeko Sakurai School Counselor
Hulya Park
Hulya Park Guidance Counselor

Upper School

David Neill
John David Neill III Head of English
Stewart Whitney
Stewart Whitney English / Theory of Knowlegde Teacher
Chris Spaulding
Christopher Spaulding English Teacher
Elizabeth Neill
Elizabeth Neill English Teacher
Bradley Jones
Bradley Jones Head of Mathematics
Thomas Stang
Thomas Stang PE / Health / Mathematics Teacher / MAA Moderator
Casey Staack
Casey Staack Mathematics Teacher
Rebecca Carter
Rebecca Carter Head of Arts
Jason Mejia
Jason Mejia Head of Science / Athletic Director
Mark Dyess
Mark Deyss Head of Social Studies / MUN Moderator
Jay Inman Physics Teacher
James Ranni
James Ranni Pyschology / Theory of Knowledge / Social Studies Teacher / STUCON Moderator
Malcolm Drew Biology Teacher
Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill Business Management / Social Studies / PE Teacher
Zachary Carter
Zachary Carter Design Technology / Geography Teacher
Mio Ranni
Mio Ranni CAS Coordinator / Japanese Teacher / MHS and NHS Moderator
Mari Hoshiyama Japanese Teacher
Anthony Tay Music Teacher
Brother Allen Timola
Brother Allen Timola Religion Teacher
Ryo Hatakeyama Jazz Ensemble Coordinator

Lower School

Sherrie Ito
Sherrie Ito Grade 1 Teacher
Julie Sugiuchi
Julie Sugiuchi Grade 2 Teacher
Yuka Zaiki Grade 2 Teacher
Annabell Staack
Annabelle Staack Grade 3 Teacher / LS Student Council Moderator
Aaron Geddes Grade 4 Teacher
Mathew Writer
Matthew Writer Grade 5 Teacher
Kristen Kuhl
Kristen Kuhl Grade 6 Teacher
Cristal Buchanan
Cristal Buchanan Grade 6 Teacher
Mark Pilgrim
Mark Pilgrim PE / Health Teacher / Development Officer
Brian Peterson
Brian Petersen Art Teacher
Elbert Shitamoto
Elbert Shitamoto Teacher Librarian
Cameron Caldwell
Cameron Caldwell Library Assistant
Nobuko Inada
Nobuko Inada Japanese Teacher
Yumiko Takagi
Yumiko Takagi Language Support / Japanese Teacher
Venus Yoon
Venus Yoon Grade 1 Teacher Assistant

Early Years

Tina Mathers
Tina Mathers Early Years Teacher / Coordinator
Amanda McWilliams Early Years Teacher
Emi Lipp
Emi Lipp Early Years Teacher Assistant
Miyuki Asai
Miyuki Asai Early Years Teacher Assistant
Tracy Khorana
Tracy Khorana Early Years Teacher Assistant

Operational Staff

Fujiko Kobayashi
Fujiko Kobayashi HR and Finance Manager
Masa Hanamura
Masahisa Hanamura Operations Manager
Miho Tempesta
Miho Tempesta Administrative Assistant / Teaching Assistant
Yo Ikenishi
Yo Ikenishi Administrative Assistant / Board Executive Assistant
Mika Inada
Mika Inada Administrative Assistant - Registrar
Vaishali Chudgar IT Technician
Hirokazu Akamatu
Hirokazu Akamatsu Property Technician
Yoko Asami School Nurse
Kazuya Imamura
Kazuya Imamura Accountant
Masahi Morioka
Masashi Morioka Property Technician


Keiko Funatani
Keiko Funatani Cafeteria Manager
Junko Jingu
Junko Jingu Cafeteria
Miyuki Matuo
Miyuki Matsuo Cafeteria
Yoko Mouri
Yoko Mori Cafeteria