Marist Brothers International School



Yes. We offer individualized school tours to meet the requirements of each family. Following the school tour, our Admissions Team member will walk you through the Admission Process, required documentation and answer any questions that you may have. To arrange a tour, please contact

  • Required documents are listed on the reverse side of the Admissions Application Form.

Yes. The application interview is part of the process used to assess a student’s readiness and suitability to enter MBIS. Interviews are carried out in a supportive and informal setting – they are not intended to be stressful.

Age-appropriate standardized testing is utilized to assess an applicant’s academic level. These are not ‘pass/fail’ examinations – the data is considered alongside other data and documents, such as academic records/reports, recommendations, and the application interview. The results may be used to determine grade or class placement. Applicants for the MBIS Montessori program will be invited to a trial morning in the classroom.

While it is preferred that students have an appropriate age-level standard of English, we do accept students who are still acquiring these language skills. We are unable to accept students in grades 9-12 who do not meet the required academic English standards.

Yes. As an international school in Japan, we welcome students from all faiths, religions, and belief systems. While MBIS was founded by Marist Brothers, the school is now governed by a Board of Directors and Trustees. We cherish the traditions of our founders and continue to espouse their universal values. Students from Grades 1-10 participate in Religious Education classes, with content that covers a wide range of world religions, beliefs, and values.

MBIS has over 330 students from Montessori though to Grade 12; with a student: teacher ratio of 8:1

No, however, we will assist families by providing enrollment information to support your child’s visa process.

Yes. Students are required to wear school uniform from Grade 1-Grade 12. Students in Montessori are required to wear school PE uniform on the days that they have PE classes and on field trips. The uniform is adjusted throughout the year in accordance with the season. The school uniform supplier information is available from the MBIS Office.

No, we do not have boarding facilities, and expect students to live with their parents or guardians.

es, our graduates are accepted into university both within Japan and abroad. Typically, 95% of students in our graduating classes go on to study at the tertiary level directly after graduating from MBIS. A list of universities our graduates have attended can be found under Student Services.

Our graduates attend colleges and universities the world over. A list of recent placements and offerings can be found here.

MBIS follows the California State Standards and Benchmarks for students in Kindergarten through Grade 10. In the early learning years, we follow a Montessori curriculum based on the world-renowned teaching philosophy and practices of Maria Montessori. In the last two years of high school, students are enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Most students complete the full IB Diploma or Bilingual Diploma, however, a certificate-level pathway is also offered.

Students who successfully meet the graduation requirements of MBIS are awarded the MBIS diploma, accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. In addition, students may choose to undertake the IB Diploma Programme, and based on results, may be awarded an IB Diploma, Bilingual IB Diploma, or IB course completion certificate, in addition to the MBIS Diploma.

  • MBIS welcomes all applicants, but parents/guardians should note that MBIS personnel and facilities cannot accommodate the entire range of student needs. Admissions and placement will therefore be determined on an individual basis. The Admissions Team will make recommendations to the Administration regarding any academic support required. The Head of School, in consultation with the Admissions Team, makes all decisions regarding acceptance and additional supports required.
  • MBIS facilities do not include ramps or elevators, therefore limiting access to students with special access requirements.
  • Any identified learning needs or related, relevant issues must be fully disclosed during the application process. Failure to do so may result in a denial or revocation of admission.

Yes. MBIS offers sibling tuition discounts depending on the number of siblings enrolled at MBIS. The tuition discount will be reflected in the tuition statement after enrollment has been approved.

Yes. Parents are invited to get involved with school events and activities. Parents can join the Parent Teacher Association and become involved in the organization of PTA events throughout the year.

MBIS grade levels are equivalent to the US school system, with the final year of schooling being Grade 12.  The grade levels are also equivalent to Japanese grades, but the different academic year (August-July) means that students entering MBIS after graduating from Japanese schools in March will enter MBIS at their graduating grade.

After school activities and clubs are available for students from Grades 1 – 12. These vary due to availability and demand.

Interscholastic sports are offered to students from Grades 6 – 12 in Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball/Softball. MBIS is part of the Western Japan Athletics Association, and regularly competes against schools throughout the region.

Students are required to be at school in their homeroom by 8:35am for morning homeroom or assembly. The first period of the day starts at 8:50am. The last period ends at 3:10pm, with clubs and activities beginning soon after at 3:30pm. Elementary students may stay after school until 4.15pm provided that they have:

  • Direct and active parental supervision and
  • Do not interrupt any official sports practice being held on the field.

All students who are not registered for after-school activities and clubs, and are without parental supervision, must leave campus directly after classes end. Students may use the school library until 4:30pm for independent study and for borrowing and returning books.

Yes, we have two school bus services – an Ashiya Route and a Shioya Route. The buses arrive at school before 8:30am in the morning, while the afternoon bus service leaves school at 3:20pm. For further details on bus routes, stops, and availability, please contact the MBIS Office.

MBIS has rolling enrollment and students are able to start throughout the school year. The academic year begins in August and ends in June, with optional Summer School continuing until mid-July.

MBIS has rolling enrollment, with applications able to be submitted at any time. Once all application documents have been submitted, it takes approximately two weeks for testing/interview, decision, notification of results, and start date. At the beginning of the school year, this timeline may be extended due to the large number of applications to be processed.

The application fee may be paid by bank transfer. Please contact the school office for bank details.

Notification of admission results are sent by email.

Some grade levels are nearing capacity with new applicants required to be placed on a wait list. Please note that our wait list is a pool of candidates and not a sequential list. Should a space become available, we will choose the best candidate from the pool of candidates. Please refer to the Admissions Policy for more information.