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Parents as Learners

Workshop 5: Mindfulness Meditation

The benefits of practicing Mindfulness for the relief of stress, enhanced resilience, and improved performance are well-researched and reported. Mindfulness meditation has become a worldwide phenomenon, but what is it really and how is it taught and incorporated into an educational context? This workshop will provide participants a taste of mindfulness practices, educate on the psychological foundation of its benefits, and allow parents to become familiar with the current mindfulness program at Marist. It’s a good place to start for parents who are interested in mindfulness meditation but want to understand more before coming to a regular Thursday session.

Mr. Ranni currently teaches Mindfulness meditation within the context of his IB Psychology and Theory of Knowledge classes as well as hosting a weekly meditation group for parents and teachers on Thursdays from 3:45 – 4:45. A meditator with over 35 years of experience, Mr. Ranni has received formal meditation instruction in the Soto Zen and Theravada traditions as well as certification for teaching mindfulness in schools.


January 18, 2024


15:30 – 16:30 Japan Standard Time


Mr. Jim Ranni
IB Psychology Teacher

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Room 33